Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mean And/Or Stupid

Mean and Stupid are two labels which can be used to describe people. Just like tall, dark, handsome or generous, wealthy, shy, happy, content, etc. All labels are dangerous, but these two in-particular are particularly dangerous.

Label someone mean and it gives us the license to be mean to them.
Label someone stupid and it gives us the license to not listen to them. Someone who doesn't appreciates something intelligent said to them is by definition stupid.

Thinking someone is mean and/or stupid eventually makes us  mean and stupid and being mean and stupid anyway causes other people to be mean and stupid. It is a vicious circle.  It is fiction creating hardcore reality which is actually factitious.

Just think how many people are mean and stupid just because we think they are. You are what you think you are is alright, but you are what you think someone else is, is scary.

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