Monday, May 02, 2011

The better side of corruption

Corruption is an enabler. It thrives on inefficiency, shortcomings of the system and provides a way to get things done for a price.  People pay for stuff that is valuable to them, hence at the very least corruption is a great validates, confirms that something is important.  The answer to the question, how do I make something better becomes self evident...fix things where their is corruption.

I wanted to move from Reliance CDMA to Airtel GSM. After 2 weeks, 6 visits of 30 minutes each and asking 10 times when should I disconnect my Reliance connection, the ultimate answer is - "Sorry your request couldn't be processed because you have not disconnected your Reliance connection".

I wish Airtel guys were corrupt. They would have known what people want, how much they want it and  the best interface to execute it.

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