Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cacheismo Cluster Update

I have started work on cacheismo cluster. I should have something working in next couple of days. The interface for lua scripts to get values from the cluster would need small change. Instead of only specifying the key, the caller will need to specify both dataKey as well as the virtualKey when looking up for a value. Cacheismo will use the dataKey to decide the server to which the virtualKey would be sent so that we don't end up in a endless loop. For dataKey's lookup is anyways simpler.

The cacheismo cluster specification (set of servers in the cluster) would be exposed via special virtual keys, so that it can be updated just like other objects. Each of the servers will monitor all other servers in the cluster and update its consistent hashing table so that requests are routed appropriately. This places a restriction on the number of servers we can add in a cluster. Maybe at some point what we will need is neste or multi-level consistent hashing where a special node will stand for multiple other nodes, something like a router which connects one network with another.

UPDATE: Cacheismo Cluster Update 2

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