Friday, January 06, 2012

The Ambulance Lane

Hardly a day passes by when I don't see an ambulance screaming on the road while coming back from office.  In spite of all the good intentions of the frustrated drivers, most of the time ambulance is stuck with rest of the traffic.

I think one way to make things a little better would be fix say the left most or the right most lane as the virtual Ambulance Lane. The idea is to align the good intentions of people so that instead of randomly deciding how to give way to ambulance, it is pre-decided for them. How does it help? Lets say we decide right most lane to be Ambulance Lane. If you hear Ambulance and you are in the rightmost lane, move to left and make the right lane free.  If you are not on the right lane, make space for vehicles on the right. If you are in the rightmost lane and you can't move to left, honk, put on your parking lights and jump the red light. That is it.

As long as people follow this one rule, I am sure we could help more Ambulances reach hospitals on time.

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