Friday, April 06, 2012

The Debt Of Humanity

We are all in debt. I don't mean the financial debt, your home loan and stuff like that. I mean the debt of humanity.  What were our chances of surviving if we were born million years ago. Death during labor, infections, lack of food, shelter. Instead of fighting with each other, we choose to live together and developed a language to talk. Rest is history. We have taken the concept of being together from few families to villages, towns, cities, nations and now we are almost at the edge of time when all of humanity is considered one big family. And the reason is simple - nations also fight and don't know how to live together.
No matter how much we feel for our country, the truth is that vaccines that saved us were invented by someone else, the languages that we speak and which runs multi billion dollar BPO industry is not ours. Bangalore is silicon valley of India but computers and programming languages and the OS we use etc were not invented here.
We are so much deeply connected today than we were yesterday but our ability to see these connections has diminished over time. I am not talking about facebook friends, but those who work at facebook to make it possible. Those who work at google to make search simpler, democratize the mobile OS. I am talking about the people who make our cars and those who make sure you get the petrol/diesel at the station. The ones who run the refineries and the ones who dig oil out of wells and the ones who build the pipelines. The ones who build the roads and those who build the equipment to build the roads. The ones who invest their lifetimes researching life saving drugs, the ones who ensure we have electricity at our homes. The list is endless.
Everyone on the planet is in some ways making life easier for the rest of us. They realize it or not is debatable. We realize it or not is also debatable. But I do feel that we would have never been here without the rest of us. 

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