Monday, October 01, 2012

Meaningful Currency

What does $1 means? And what is 1 rupee?  Currency in inherently meaningless unless compared with either other currencies or goods they can buy. What if we use a measure of currency which is inherently meaningful. Here are few examples:

What if prices of food products were written in "cost of meal for a poor child"? So the cost of one zinger burger at KFC would be around 15 "meals for a poor child".

What if price of car was written in "cost of safe drinking water per person". May be we have car that costs safe drinking water for 10K humans.

May be we could do the same for stock markets. Or put it in balance sheets for a company.

May be we could tell people their salary in cost of primary education for a child.

May be that will make us more human. May be it would be nice to live in less abstract world.

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