Saturday, December 01, 2012

India Against Corruption

If we were to assume that corruption is caused by corruption, one time end of corruption ensures no further corruption. I guess many people justify their own corruption because they have to deal with other corrupt people. Lets call this assumption number 1. Actually this is less of assumption and more of rational behavior any economist would stand by.

Lets further assume that there was a point in time in human history when corruption didn't exist and we will call it assumption number 2 and similarly not of assumption number 2 is assumption number 3, which to put it in words say that their was no point in human history when corruption didn't exist.

If we assume 1 and 3, it is pointless to fight against corruption. History is against us and logic says it will continue to exist because it exists now.

If we assume 1 and 2, then we have a contradiction. If 1 was to be true and 2 is true, then corruption shouldn't exists today because at some point it didn't exist.  But as we know, it does exist and hence 2 is wrong.

We can postulate here that their is something about non-corrupt societies that causes corruption. Specifically,  not just corruption begets corruption (assumption 1), non-corruption begets corruption too. And if that were to be true, fighting against corruption is futile because that in itself lays the foundation of corruption.

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