Monday, March 18, 2013

hi4hi Matrimony

hi4hi Matrimony  is an android application for matrimony which allows users to talk to each other without sharing their phone numbers. Profile has just one photograph and maximum 256 characters of description, so that users can get started immediately. Application doesn't asks for Real Name or email address or facebook account. We believe that our best bet to privacy is to work with as little information as possible.

The core activity of the application is looking at user profiles and INVITING them. These invites can be ACCEPTED or DECLINED. No calls can be made, unless the other users accepts the invite. If an invite is accepted, two users have a DATE. This is a floating DATE over the phone which can be done anytime both users are available. Each DATE allows users to call each other ONCE. For talking again, users have to INVITE again.

Users can set their status to Busy or Available. Users with Busy status cannot be called. This is useful in case users want to talk only after office hours or say over weekend.

This video does a better job at explaining the concept.

Have a look and give us your feedback.

Download from Google Play

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