Monday, April 29, 2013

hi4hi Matrimony: Introducing Circles

Problem:  hi4hi is not expensive to use. We only charge Rs 2 per invite and Rs 2 per minute for calls. Some of the users take advantage of this and send random invites to users. This wastes time of our users who check the profile and may even talk to these users only to find out that they are not serious at all.

Solution:  We are launching a new feature called circles. You get to choose your own circle. We will have different circles at different prices. User at lower circles will NOT be able to view or invite users at higher circles. Users at higher circles will have the option of viewing/inviting users in lower circles.

Circle approximates your social status and seriousness. It is designed to save you time by avoiding spam and finding people who value your time. You can only upgrade your circle. It is a one way street, so upgrade your circle only when you need to. There are two reasons why you should upgrade your circle. One if you are getting too many invites and it is impractical to even check out so many profiles or talk to so many people. The second reason you would want to upgrade your circle is if your invites are being declined or ignored. You will still be able to send invites to all the people you are currently sending invites to but coming from a higher circle, your invites are less likely to be declined or ignored. It goes without saying that profiles with photos and relevant about me are much more likely to be invited and accepted. 

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