Friday, September 13, 2013

stuffido - the todo app

Stuffido, is a todo app for Android. Why on earth do I need a new todo app?

Long long time ago, people started forgetting to do important stuff in life. It was a world without apps and phones. And then someone invented, what we now know as a todo list. It was pretty simple. Just write down what you want to do and cross it once you are done. That worked for a while, but it had few problems.
  • It becomes too long, painful to look at.
  • It is hard to add further notes to these todos. 
  • If it is not crossed, it is not done. It didn't track progress.
  • After a while, you need to copy and create a new one.
Then someone invented calendar. The whole thing was now organised by time. Instead of making a list, people need to specify when are they going to do it and also how much time it is going to take. This worked extremely well for meetings and time bound stuff. But how do you track stuff that takes longer time? And stuff that doesn't takes much time.

So what is stuffido?
It is still a todo list, but takes cares of all the problems of todo lists.
  • Divide. You don't need to pick a time, just a time slot for a task. 
  • Focus. It will only show you tasks for the given time slot, based on current time.
  • Do. Each time slot can maximum have 7 tasks. Have more? Add it for later. It takes time to decide what to do next. It is NOW or LATER, but you don't need to do it every time.
  • Measure. Each task has a progress bar. Big things require small steps. Made some progress? Track it. Add a note, whatz next? 
  • Done. Know what you have been doing, each day.

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