Saturday, July 08, 2017

Don't screw yourself

It is a good principle to practice is life. In other terms it would mean don't do something stupid, or something that is not good for you.  Here and now, this is easier to practice. Add time and space to it and we have no clue what it means.

One of the popular ways of screwing yourself involves passage of time. Smoking is a classical example. Not saving, eating unhealthy food, no exercise, not learning new things, the list is endless.

Self screwing is not the only option. We can screw ourselves through other also. One of the simplest ways to punch yourself in the face is to punch someone else. Or consider not respecting right of other people to join the traffic. When we block someone, they block someone else. Since roads are a inherently connected, these small steps helps in creating larger deadlocks.

The point I wanted to make is: we are interconnected and these interconnections make is difficult to view our actions in isolation. These connections connect us not only to one another now but also ourselves to our future. Screwing others is just another way to screw yourself...not now, not here..but someday and somewhere.

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