Friday, October 01, 2010

The Idiot Religion

  • All follower of this religion are idiots.
  • They are open, acceptable and proud of the fact that they are idiots
  • Every one who doesn't follows the idiot religion is intelligent and hence all idiots are expected to be very respectful to everyone who is not an idiot.
  • Idiots don't have any God of their own and they don't care about who started the world or what will happen after they die.
  • Idiots value human life and everything created, invented, believed by humans including all possible Gods, languages, roads, buildings, property, schools, etc.  
  • Idiots forgive. As idiots they are expected to make mistakes.
  • Idiots always question their own beliefs. They are idiots and hence could be wrong all the time.
  • Idiots understand that world is neither fair not perfect because it is run by idiots. Hence for their own goodwill and for the goodwill of the world, it is important for them to always try to improve their understanding of the world and use it to create a better world. 
  • Idiots use consensus or probabilistic voting to take collective decisions. As idiots their decisions are anyway idiotic which is by definition acceptable behavior. They can always revise their decisions if they don't work as expected.   

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