Thursday, February 02, 2012

Cacheismo learnings

I already knew lua, memory management, writing servers and other technical bits. I did learned the automake stuff to make sure people can compile it.

But the best part was something else. Marketing. I guess I failed miserably at that one. I don't know if anyone has downloaded cacheismo code and tried to compile it or is anyone using it. I think it is one of my best works and it is free and I don't know what more do I need to do to convince people that it is better that memcached.

I tried the following:

  • I wrote a mail on memcached group explaining cacheismo.
  • I wrote to author of blog. He was kind enough to include a link. 
  • I created cacheismo google group. Only my friends joined. (Thanks!). No questions so far.
  • I tried to answer some of the questions on stackoverflow about memcached. I looked at problems which people face but can't solve with memcached. Tried answering the questions to best of my knowledge and also provided information about how it can solved using cacheismo. Someone removed all my posts :( from stackoverflow. 

So I guess even if their exist people who might find cacheismo useful, it is kind of impossible for them to find it, unless of-course they magically search for cacheismo on google.  So the question is what is the plan? And the answer is nothing much. I am not actively working on cacheismo. I will be more than happy to help anyone who wants to use it.  I need to solve the discovery problem and the plan there is to keep posting to stackoverflow...until the person who deletes my posts gets tired of it. Quora is another option. And may be some videos on youtube.  

May be caching is not such a big problem for people and memcached is good enough. Well in that case I will write some more servers. Http Proxy something like haproxy but configurable in lua might be fun. Or may be websocket server for HTML 5 applications.  

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  1. Yes. Clearly, any open source project needs a bit of hand holding and evangelizing. You should use every bit of opportunity.

    How about talking about this project in other tech events and forums?