Sunday, June 16, 2013

Is your Android app in need of an advertisement campaign?

Here is a mail that I got couple of days ago..
This is a nice business. Hire few guys to put negative reviews for your app. This obviously kills your installs. Then charge app developers to remove these comments. I guess this would be the general business model for all customer "review" sites.  
Dear Android developer,

We would like to introduce our new marketing approach for your Android app in two easy steps:

1. Make your Google Play page look very attractive

- Adding 100 5-star ratings and 10 positive reviews to the app
- Removing negative comments from your front page
- Adding 250 Google Plus 1’s
- Creating a professional YouTube video
- Adding 2.000 views and 150 Likes to your YouTube video
- Adding 250 Likes to your Facebook page
2. Driving traffic to the Google Play page

- Creating new threads on 15 most visited Android forums
- Submitting the app to 50 most popular Android review writing websites
- Posting reviews on different Twitter pages with a total of 3 million followers
- Posting on the most popular Facebook groups with a total of 300.000 members
- Posting the app in adds on various sites through the web which generates 100+ views per day for 1 month
Price Standard Package: $299
Additional upgrades:

- Add 25.000 views and 1.000 Likes to your YouTube video for $100
- Add 1.000 Facebook Likes for $100
- Add 1.000 app ratings and comments for an additional $800
- Add 1.500 Google +1’s for an additional $100
- Remove negative comments for $10 per comment
A list of all the forums, review sites, Facebook pages and Twitter pages will be provided after the promotion is completed.

Not convinced yet? Want to order? Got a question? Just reply to this email.

You can get it touch with them at

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