Friday, July 12, 2013

hi4hi? Why?

I have talked about what is hi4hi multiple times. Today lets just focus on the why part? If you don't know about hi4hi, just watch this small video. Using Hi4hi Matrimony App.

First and foremost matrimony happens between people. Every matrimony site claims to have lakhs if not million of members. How you do we know if they are genuine or fake profiles? The minimum criteria  for being a person on most matrimony sites is email. How many email addresses can a person have? As many as they like. The question we are trying to answer here is the question of identity. At hi4hi, minimum criteria of being a person is a phone number. People do have dual SIM phones, so technically users can still create multiple profiles, but at max may be 2. No one can have 1000 phones numbers all for himself. It is simply too expensive to have. We are small, we don't have too many members, but each and every one of them is a person.

We don't ask users for bio data. We don't ask 100 questions. We don't even ask for their real name or email or their religion or caste or their salary. All we ask or rather provide users is 256 characters to write about themselves. It is not much. But it isn't less either. What we are looking for is a glimpse of the person. Typically all that matters is their education, their profession, caste/religion and location. It isn't too hard to put it in 256 characters. But what makes us different is that now you can actually talk to the person who has written than profile and see for yourself who they are. And that too without sharing your mobile number. What we take away with 256 characters, we return in multiple times by giving you the person himself. 5 emails, 10 chat sessions, 5 page profile or a 2 minutes call. We don't stop people from putting up their email address in profile. If you think that is better, go ahead. Your call.

We don't match profiles. We connect people. And not only we connect people, we connect them at their own terms. Users choose WHO they want to talk to and also WHEN they want to talk. Every time someone wants to talk to you, they need to invite you and unless you accept that invite, the user cannot call you. Once you accept the invite, it only gives the user permission for one call. This is the crux of hi4hi. When you give other your phone number, they can call you anytime and as many times as they want. Not with hi4hi. We make the calls possible without requiring you to share your phone numbers. Have real conversation with real people without any fear. Your number is safe with us and it is our business to keep it safe and still let you talk to people. Talk once, talk twice, talk as many as time as you both want, until you think it is time to take it forward.  Talk in office, talk in restaurant, talk in trail or talk in auto, wherever you want and whenever you want. Ask your friends to talk or ask your parents to talk, it is as simple as that.

It is fresh. It is better. hi4hi.

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