Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning & Context

We have a Guard at the entrance of our apartment building. He always stop the cars going outside the building to give way to the cars coming inside the building. This is a very good strategy because of two reasons:
1) Any car that comes inside will always find parking because only residents cars can come inside.
2) The road outside is not very broad. The car going outside can easily cause deadlock if it goes out at the point when some other car has come near the gate.

I am not sure if the Guard understands these two points. If by any change he has to do the same work at a mall or theater and if he continues to use what he has learned he will always cause deadlocks. They have limited parking - any car coming inside is not guaranteed to find parking space.

When learning something it is important to learn the context also because unless used in the same context, whatever you learn may not be applicable.

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