Monday, March 22, 2010

Parliament Vs GotoMeeting

I read some where that it costs about Rs 25K per minute to run parliament. Apart from parliament we have so many states each having its own legislative assembly with comparable number of members. This is big sum of money. I am assuming this includes cost of getting the MP's to delhi, their stay and food and travel, etc.

May be we should give GoToMeeting a try. Cost is negligible. Security of communication is not an issue as we anyways show this live on TV.  Disruptions would be impossible as speaker can mute every one. Speaker can easily ensure time limit on what each person speaks, cut his time or give him more time as he feels. Speaker will be body can throw shoes at each other...but we can still have "poke" or "finger" or "hai-hai" or "zindabad-murdabad" or "throw a shoe" gestures to keep the spirit alive. To ensure attendence Speaker can also send them reminder or make  the server keep calling them to just annoy them for a while.

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